20 wonderful girls names inspired by Irish wildflowers

We are so spoiled when it comes our biodiversity in Ireland. Our beautiful meadows and moors are dotted with colour, especially at this time of year. Irish wildflowers inspire poets, songwriters and many others, including those looking to name their daughters after something strong and beautiful. Here are 20 wild and wonderful girls names inspired by Irish wildflowers.

1. Poppy

After the common poppy that blooms in a deep red.

2. Willow

After the American willowherb.

3. Aster

After the sea aster, also known as the star of the sea.

4. Tansy

After the tiny yellow tansy.

5. Rose

After the Japanese rose, a small soft purple rose that grows wild in Ireland.

6. Violet

After the dog violet, a tiny deep purple wildflower.

7. Brook

After the little purple brooklime wildflower.

8. Betony

After the betony, a small pink 2-lipped wildflower that grows in woodlands.

9. Clover

After the red or strawberry clover.

10. Daisy

After the seaside daisy.

11. Heather

After the purple heather plant that grows on heaths and moors. 

12. Meadow

After the common meadow buttercup.

13. Saffron

After the meadow saffron.

14. Prim

After the evening primrose, a pretty yellow wildflower.

15. Iris

After the yellow iris.

16. Marigold

After the corn marigold.

17. Sage

After the wood sage.

18. Bell

After the bluebell – so pretty!

19. Ivy

After the ivy-leaved crowfoot, a small white bloom. 

20. Laurel

After the cherry laurel

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