20 short but sweet names for your little boy

Is your family set to grow a little bit this month? If you’re an expectant-mama then you know just how tough finding the perfect name for your baby can be. There are way too many to choose from and we adore all of them.

We’ve been loving short names lately, especially for boys. To help inspire those of you who are preparing to welcome your little man into the world, we’ve shared our top 20 short names for boys.

  1. Eric meaning ruler

  2. Jamie meaning supplanter

  3. Joey short for Joseph

  4. Ross meaning upland

  5. Matt short for Matthew

  6. Alex short for Alexander

  7. Sam short for Samuel 

  8. Harry meaning army commander

  9. Olly short for Oliver

  10. Cole meaning victory

  11. Luke meaning bright

  12. Jess meaning rich

  13. Chris short for Christopher

  14. Jack short for Jackson

  15. Max meaning great

  16. Cory meaning God’s peace

  17. Jake meaning God is gracious

  18. Theo short for Theodore

  19. Todd meaning fox

  20. Finn meaning fair

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