20 old-fashioned names that are perfect for your son

We all know that classic vintage names are making a huge come back… but how vintage are you willing to go? We have come up with a list of names from the past that would fit your little man (and his great-great granddad, come to think of it) perfectly!

1. Jim

Literally everyone has an elderly family member called Jim – and it really is cute a name.

2. Eugene

This one was popular at the turn of the last century… could it resurface?

3. Pat

Pat is another popular one-syllable name amongst the elder generation. It would also be perfect for a happy little fella born today!

4. Seamus

Imagine a baby Seamus?? So, so cute.

5. Frank

Frankly, this name is adorable.

6. Bertie

It’s normally short for Albert but Bertie is as cute as a button by itself.

7. Bazil

Baby Bazil sounds like one cool dude.

8. Norman

Or Normie for short.

9. Chester

A delightful name for a delightful little boy.

10. Wilbur

You could shorten this one to Will of course but Wilbur is just so classy!

11. Edgar

Or Ed for short.

12. Herman

Herman sounds like a future businessman to me…

13. Gus

Short but so so sweet!

14. Otis

What a darling name for a chubby-cheeked cherub!

15. Percy

Percy sounds so loveable, don’t you think?

16. Stanley

You could shorten this one to Stan. Stan the man!

17. Walter

Or Walt for short – too cute!

18. Clarence

How charming is Clarence?

19. Edgar

Perfect for your posh little fella.

20. Arthur

Or Arty for short.

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