20 literary baby name ideas for any book-loving mums-to-be

Choosing your baby’s name is possibly one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. 

There are so many routes to go down when finalising the moniker you love for your little one. Maybe you want a more traditional name, or fancy a unique one that'll make them stand out from the crowd, the possibilities are endless!

But, if you’re an avid reader, why not incorporate your love for reading into the name of your baby.

Since a piece of writing can have such an impact on a person, consider naming your bundle of joy after a character that holds a dear place in your heart or after an author whose work inspires you.

If you’re looking for literary names for your little one, check our out list below for your little bookworm-to-be.

Girl names

Ophelia- Hamlet

Cosette- Les Misérables

Scout- To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper- To Kill a Mockingbird

Meg- Little Women

Bella- Twilight

Estella- Great Expectations

Daisy- The Great Gatsby 

Emily- Brontë, author of Wuthering Heights

Jane- Austen, author of Pride and Prejudice

Boy names

Darcy- Pride and Prejudice

Watson- Sherlock Holmes series

Atticus- To Kill a Mockingbird

Gus– The Fault in Our Stars

Lennie- Of Mice and Men

Harry- Harry Potter series

Dorian- The Picture of Dorian Gray 

Jasper– Twilight series

George- Orwell, author of 1984

Ernest- Hemingway, author of The Old Man and the Sea

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