20 AMAZING baby names inspired by Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on television, so it makes sense that people would seek baby name inspiration from it. 

We have compiled a list of ethereal and magical names inspired by the HBO series, and we LOVE them all. 

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1. Ayra – after Ayra Stark (means "Noble")

2. Meera – after Meera Reed (means "Prosperous")

3. Nymeria – after Nymeria Sand (means "Warrior queen")

4. Brienne – after Brienne of Tarth (means "Strong")

5. Shae – after Shae of Lorath (means "Courteous")

6. Yara – after Yara Greyjoy (means "Precious gem")

7. Daenerys – after Daenerys Targaryen (means "Born of the storm") 

8. Khaleesi – after Daenerys Targaryen (means "Queen")

9. Ygritte – after Ygritte the Wildling (means "Wild bird")

10. Shireen – after Shireen Baratheon (means "Gentle and delicate") 

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1. Rickon – after Rickon Stark (means "Innocent")

2. Theon – after Theon Greyjoy (means "Godly")

3. Jon – after Jon Snow (means "God has given")

4. Roose – after Roose Bolton (means "Rose")

5.Eddard – after Eddard Stark (means "Blessed guard")

6. Olly – after Olly of Castle Black (means "Elf warrior")

7. Bran – after Bran Stark (means "Raven")

8. Tyrion – after Tyrion Lannister (means "Nobility") 

9. Mace – after Mace Tyrell (means "Powerful weapon") 

10. Robin – after Robin Arryn (means "Famed, shining") 

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