18 traditional names for your little girl

There are some traditional names that we just can’t get enough of. They are timeless classics for a reason.

We have put together a list of our favourite traditional names for your daughter and they’re just too beautiful. Some of these names have been adored by the Royal Family for years and we can see why.

  1. Charlotte meaning free

  2. Elizabeth meaning God is my Oath

  3. Alexandra meaning defender

  4. Alice meaning nobility

  5. Harriet meaning home ruler

  6. Marigold after the flower

  7. Edith meaning prosperous in war

  8. Mary meaning beloved

  9. Margaret meaning pearl

  10. Catherine meaning pure

  11. Aubrey meaning leader

  12. Sophie meaning wisdom

  13. Angelina meaning angel

  14. Emma meaning universal

  15. Scarlett after the colour

  16. Rosemary after rose

  17. Victoria meaning winner

  18. Clarice meaning bright

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