16 quirky names that are PERFECT for your baby boy and girl

We are always on the lookout for quirky and unusual baby names.

Names like Sophie, Olivia and Charlotte are becoming more and more popular for little girls, and Harry, Noah and Liam are often at the top of the list for boys.

We have conjured up a list of quirky baby names that aren't as popular today but are still perfect for your tiny tot.

If you’re looking for an extra special baby name then we’ve got you covered. This list features a variety of names for both boys and girls, with names inspired by nature and musicians making an appearance.


1: Otis meaning wealthy

2: Willow meaning slender and graceful

3: Gus meaning majestic

4: Penny meaning flower

5: Milo meaning soldier

6: Avery meaning wise

7: Grant meaning tall or grand

8: Leo meaning lion and brave

9: Margot meaning pearl

10: Zola meaning tranquil

11: Harriet meaning ruler of the home

12: Ezra meaning helper

13: Atticus meaning from Attica

14: Cleo meaning pride and glory

15: Rami meaning loving

16: Kurt meaning wolf

We are crazy about these baby names. Your little one will certainly stand out from the crowd with a name like Zola or Gus.

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