15 signs that you are DEFINITELY pregnant

Pregnancy is an amazing (and weird) time, as your body undergoes so many changes. 

We have listed some of these changes, so you know you're not the only one experiencing strange things!

You know you're pregnant if….

1. You crave the weirdest foods ever. 

2. You close your eyes when you jump on the weighing scales during doctor appointments.

3. You fart and blame other people.

4. You can't remember what your feet look like.

5. You pray for comfortable bowel movements. 

6. You cry while watching videos of puppies on YouTube. 

7. You cannot get out of bed without a leg swing. 

8. You have run out of Netflix shows to watch.

9. People randomly touch your belly. 

10. You consider heels a form of torture.

11. You talk to yourself A LOT.

12. Your sense of smell is all over the place. Chanel No.5 now smells like onions!

13. You have googled childbirth videos every day for a month. 

14. You have contemplated punching your significant other in the face. 

15. You have never felt more empowered, because you're a MUM now! 

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