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14 short Christmas movies to help reduce your children's screen time

Its difficult to enforce limits these days.

Be it treats, bedtime or screentime we tend to let things slide when life gets overwhelming. Even though we know this is harmless every once in a while, the guilt is REAL and we still feel like we've taken the easy way out when we say ‘yes’. With this in mind, we have come up with a genius way to sneakily limit screentime on the run-up to Christmas, in a way your kids won’t even notice.

The likes of Disney+ and Netflix have given us endless entertaining movies to keep them quiet when we need time to ourselves. If you know where to look, they also provide short movie options for times when a full hour-and-a-half of screentime is not the best idea. Here are 14 short Christmas movies to help you reduce their screentime:

1.  Pluto’s Christmas Tree 1952 – 6 minutes long 

Vintage and lively, Chip and Dale appear in this hilarious 6 minute short.

2. Frozen Fever 2015 – 10 minutes long 

Too cute, Elsa sneezes tiny snowmen when she gets a cold is this gorgeous short.

3. Once Upon a Snowman 2020 – 12 minutes long 

The newest Frozen feature – your little ones will want it again and again.

4. Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas 2011 – 22 minutes long

Sid decides to visit Santa in the North Pole after Manny tells him he's on the naughty list!

5. Super Monsters Save Christmas 2019 – 24 minutes long 

The Super Monsters must team up to find Santa’s Reindeers so they can save Christmas…

6. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure 2017 – 24 minutes long 

A tear-jerker about Anna and Elsa's family traditions.

7. A Story Bots Christmas 2017 – 25 minutes long

Bo the story bot wants to improve her gift-giving skills, but Santa is missing from the North Pole!

8. Trolls Holiday 2017 – 26 minutes long 

The Trolls obsession continues with this short but festive flick.

9. Mickey’s Christmas Carol 1983 – 26 minutes long

Another classic, this adaptation of Dickens' work is full of Christmas music your kids will love.

10. Angela’s Christmas 2018 – 30 minutes long 

Stunningly animated and deliciously Irish, kids and adults alike will be mad about this short made by Brown Bag Films.

11. Mariah Carey’s Merriest Christmas 2015 – 38 minutes long 

The queen of Christmas herself will have your older kiddos singing along for half an hour non stop!

12. Spirit Riding free: Spirit of Christmas 2019 – 45 minutes long

If your kids have not yet entered the world of Spirit Riding Free, be warned: an obsession is about to begin.

13. Home for the Holidays 2015 – 45 minutes long 

A seasonal take on Dreamworks Home where the little alien decides to bring Christmas to his fellow Boovs.

14. Bob’s Broken Sleigh 2015 – 46 minutes long 

An enthusiastic elf makes some modifications to Santa’s sleigh… what could go wrong?

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