12 overnight oat recipes to never get bored with breakfast again

When it comes to breakfast, we can't think of anything healthier and less time-consuming in the morning than overnight oats. Basically, you do all the prep in the evening, and all you have to do in the morning is taking it out of the fridge.

And Bob's your uncle!

Sometimes, we like it super simple, milk (or non-dairy alternatives) and oats. But sometimes, we also feel like mixing things up a little and making it a bit fancy. 

With all the inspiration we have gathered below, not a chance to get bored with your overnight oats!

1. Orange vanilla overnight oats

2. Cocoa nibs and pomegranate overnight oats

3. Chia jam overnight oats

4. Overnight oats with peanut butter, chocolate chips and coconut

5. Chocolate chia overnight oats

6. Blueberry pie overnight oats

7. Toasted coconut overnight oats

8. Pecan pie overnight oats

9. Cinnamon apple overnight oats with date butter

10. Peanut butter overnight oats

11. Brownie batter overnight oats

12. Peaches and cream overnight oats


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