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11-year-old sets up lemonade stall to help mum get transplant

Some kids start up lemonade stalls to earn a bit of extra pocket money, maybe to buy a bike or a trip to Disneyland. 

But 11-year-old Nemiah Martinez is not a normal child, he doesn't want the money for herself- but to help her mother get a life-changing transplant. 

Every Saturday, the girl from New Mexico sets up a lemonade stall in her garage, and charges $1.50 per cup. 

On her Gofundme page, the girl revealed that her mother desperately needed a double transplant. 

"My mummy has always  taken care of me and I want to take care of her," she wrote. "I see how much my mum is struggling and all I want to do is help her." 

Speaking to ABC News, Nemiah explained that she wasn't planning on making as much money as she did. 

"When I first set up the stand I thought 'okay, I'm just going to make a few dollars but at least that means I'm helping her.'" 

She continued to say that her mother sometimes struggles to get out of bed and that she has to to the chores around the house that her mother is unable to do.  

Thanks to the report by ABC, her Gofundme page has reached nearly $4,000. 

What a brave young lady, we hope her mother gets the help she needs. 

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