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102-year-old dials a wrong number - and the outcome is one of the most moving stories you've ever heard

When you dial a wrong number, what usually happens?

You quickly realise your mistake, mumble an apology and hang up as hastily as possible, right?

Thank goodness Irene Wilkinson didn't do that when she found herself in that exact situation a few months ago. 

She hit the “7” button instead of the “8” for a phone number’s area code and what resulted was amazing. 

A woman from Tennessee named Rosa answered Irene's call and, instead of hanging up, the two women chatted on the phone for over an hour. 

According to the Good News Network, Irene said that, “she sounded like a nice lady, so we talked about our lives and children like old people do.”

The best bit is that their blossoming friendship didn't stop there, as they started to call each other regularly. 

This went on for months until Rosa decided that she simply had to meet her new friend in person. 

So, she made the 10-hour journey with her daughter to see Irene in her nursing home in Granite City, Illinois.

Irene immediately started “bawling” when they finally saw each other. 

The Fountains at Granite City, Irene’s nursing home, posted a photo Facebook of them, saying: “The reunion was a very happy event and they hugged and talked all day.”

The moral of the story is – it's never too late to make a new friend! 

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