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10-year-old makes a ‘trophy’ from Lego for his baby brother, and it is EPIC

A 10-year-old boy has made a trophy for his two-year-old brother and we can’t believe how talented the guy is.

Boogie's younger brother Ragnar is currently being potty-trained, and in an attempt to entice him along the way the 10-year-old made the COOLEST trophy… from LEGO.

Dad Charlie Walk took to his Instagram page to show off his son’s handy-work, stating:

“So the two year old is potty training… and this is what the ten year old comes to me with.”


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The creation depicts a toilet bowl with a certain yellow-coloured waterfall flowing downwards in the centre of the bowl. 

We’re also in awe of the fact he wants to gift his brother a trophy for championing his little milestone:

“It's a trophy for when he is all trained.”


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Like seriously, is this not sheer talent or what?

So much so that his parents have set up an account dedicated to the 10-year-olds creations and our jaws are dropping at each snap. 

If that doesn’t help Ragnar along his way we don’t know what will.

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