10 unique baby shower present ideas that would delight a mum-to-be

When we’re invited to a loved one’s baby shower, one of the first things we immediately think of is the kind of present that we want to treat them to.

Of course, many family and friends usually opt for practical presents, such as packs of baby onesies, adorable outfits or cuddly teddies. While these present ideas are wonderful, they can often accumulate quite quickly, leading the parents-to-be to feel overwhelmed with too much stuff.

So, if you have a baby shower coming up, then why not gift your loved one with something more special?

Below, we have set out a list of 10 brilliant baby gift ideas that aren’t as traditional. Some of these are simply unique, while others can be personalised to tailor to the parents-to-be’s incoming arrival! Have a scroll through the present options below, and see if any of them spark an idea:

Baby Keepsake Box

Parents often like to be sentimental with their children, especially when it comes to their first year of life. Therefore, your loved ones might appreciate a beautiful keepsake box to keep everything in! You could either decorate the box yourself or find a beautiful one in the shops, to keep special mementos such as their first outfit, first tooth, or a lock of their hair.

Personalised Baby Blanket

Of course, a cosy baby blanket isn’t necessarily a unique idea, but if the parents-to-be have already chosen a name for their little one, then you could choose a personlised blanket by embroidering or printing their name onto it. They will be able to treasure it forever!

Baby Photo Album 

Nowadays, we’ve become so used to taking and storing photos on our phones, that we rarely remember to print them out. So, why not gift a photo album to your loved ones? There are some beautiful ones on the market that will make it a heartwarming keepsake, filled with photos as their baby grows up.

Baby Foot and Handprint Impression Kit

Make impressions to last a lifetime with this little idea! With these ink kits, parents will be able to create a stamp of their baby's hands and feet that they will be able to treasure forever – especially when they are no longer a newborn!

Nursing Pillow

If you want to buy something for the mum-to-be, then why not opt for a nursing pillow? Breastfeeding can be a daunting experience, especially for new mums, and so having a comfortable and supportive nursing pillow will make the world of a difference as your loved one settles in with their newborn.

Personalised Book

Books are such a key aspect of a child’s learning development, and so treating them to a heartwarming tale would be the perfect gift! If you know the child’s name beforehand, then you could perhaps look into creating a unique baby book that features them as a main character. If not, you can still purchase a book and personalise it by writing a sweet dedication to baby inside the book cover. They will then be able to read and find comfort in your kind words as they grow up!

Baby Subscription Box

Subscription boxes have risen in popularity in recent years, and yes, there are ones available for newborns! As a baby shower gift, you could provide your loved ones with a subscription box that will deliver age-appropriate baby products to them each month, such as adorable new toys and useful accessories. 

Baby Bath Time Gift Set

Bath time is often filled with love and laughter as babies grow up, and so any parent-to-be would greatly appreciate some presents to make this bonding time more special! For a gift, you could offer them a set of useful products such as baby-friendly shampoos, bath towels, and even some rubber ducks as a fun toy.

Baby First Year Calendar

Throughout their baby’s first year, parents often want to keep track of dates when they reach certain milestones, such as when they spoke their first word or took their first steps. As a gift idea, you could create a unique calendar that will allow the parents-to-be to document these heartwarming moments. They will have so much fun filling it in throughout the year!

Personalised Growth Chart

If the parents-to-be want to keep track of their baby’s growth but don’t have wall space to mark it on, then you can buy them a growth chart! This handy tracker will allow them to record their child’s measurements throughout the years, as they grow up. Then, once they’re a fully-grown adult, it will be such an emotional keepsake to look back on!

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