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Festive fun: 10 indoor games to play with the kids this Stephen's Day

No matter what the weather is like outside, there are lots of ways of amusing your little ones so you don't all drive each other mad this Stephen's Day. 

Here are our top indoor games that the kiddos will LOVE:

1. Hangman

You can play the traditional way or if your little one has yet to master spelling you can ask them 20 questions to which they give you a yes or no response.

2. Xs and Os

This game can last for hours if you have enough paper! Simply draw three vertical and three horizontal lines overlapping each other so that you are left with nine squares. The winner is the person who manages to get a line of Xs or Os.

3. Snap!

Card games are always a great way to keep kids entertained, and snap is a really easy one. Divide the deck out between the number of players and keep placing them down until two match – the winner is the person who yells ‘snap’ first.

4. Puppets

Make your very own puppets out of paper bags and put on a show for the rest of the family.

5. Hide and Seek

You don’t need to go outside to be able to play this fun game, there are plenty of places to hide in the home!


If you have a large front room or kitchen you can play hopscotch inside. However, just keep in mind that the kids will be jumping around so put anything valuable to the side! Use masking tape to mark out the jumping zones.

7. Indoor bowling

All you need is a beach ball or a football and ten empty 1 l bottles and you are guaranteed an afternoon of fun.

8. Touch and feel box

Fill four or five boxes with various textiles, food and toys so that each has a different feel. Cover them with a blanket and get the kids to guess what’s inside.

9. Target practice

Line up three different buckets each about a foot in front of the other. Each player then needs to throw a rolled up sock in each – the winner is the person who gets the sock in first.

10. Simon Says!

This is a really great way to have fun and act silly with the entire family. 

Give us your tips about keeping those little rascals amused today.

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