10 fun ways to tell your other half you’re pregnant

If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, congratulations! There is nothing more exciting than finding out you’re expecting a little one.

Whether it’s your first or fourth child, the feeling of telling your partner that you’re going to have a baby together is out of this world. While you may just want to run and tell your spouse the wonderful news straight away, you might also want to set up an extra special way of delivering the message. 

That’s why we’re sharing our top 10 fun ways to announce your pregnancy to your partner below! Check out the list and find a sweet way to share the joyous news.

Pregnancy test 

A classic way to spread the brilliant news. Simply wrap up your pregnancy test or place it in a gift box and give it to your other half.

Baby book

Head to your local bookshop and buy a baby book for the dad-to-be. It can be a children's book that you can read to your baby in the future or a parenting book for Dad to brush up on his baby knowledge. Write a little message inside to make it extra special.


Pop to the shops to create a little hamper with a newborn baby grow, baby boots, dummy and a bib along with your pregnancy test and place them in a box. This cute little surprise will be a sweet way to tell your partner and the baby items will be useful when the baby arrives.

Sweet treat

Get some cupcakes made and have the baker spell out the exciting news in the icing. Something like ‘Baby due’ followed by the month your little one should arrive is a cute option or you can opt for ‘Daddy to be’. The possibilities are endless.

Coffee to go 

Head to your local coffee shop and order a takeaway coffee. Instead of having them write your name on the order, ask them to write ‘Dad’ or ‘We’re having a baby’ on the side of the cup. Perfect for any coffee-lovers!

Scavenger hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt around your home by leaving clues that lead to where you’ve hidden your pregnancy test. Make sure not to make the search too long as the anticipation may get too much!


Buy a card that has ‘Daddy’ written on it and pen a little message to tell him the news. This will make a heartwarming keepsake for years to come. 


If you can wait a little longer to share the joyous news, get a t-shirt printed to make your announcement. Alternatively, you can buy a plain top and markers to write the message yourself. 


Buy a miniature chalkboard and write the reveal on it. Decorate the board with little drawings of teddy bears, dummies, bottles and other baby-related items. 

Bun in the oven

A funny way to make your announcement. Bake or buy some buns and place one in your oven (make sure it’s turned off). Lead your spouse into the kitchen and let him figure out the clue for himself!

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