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10 cute and memorable Christmas Day traditions to start with your family

We love Christmas traditions. Each family has their own special traditions and rituals that really make Christmas special. 

Whether you're just starting out or fancy shaking your festive experience up a bit, we have the ultimate list of cute (and simple) traditions to start with your kiddos: 

1. Funny family photo 

Gather them all around the Christmas tree for a family photo. Have them make funny faces or strike a pose. Next year try to get them to do the same thing. In a few years you'll have a series of adorable photos showing them grow! 

2. Christmas movie and hot chocolate 

Snuggle up with hot chocolate and stick on a time-tested family favourite, such as the Polar Express, Elf or Home Alone

3. Give something back 

Take them to buy a toy or put together a Christmas box for a child in need, show the true spirit of Christmas giving

4. Santa footprints 

Sprinkle some glitter, flour or icing sugar to create a Santa foot print for them to find on Christmas morning! 

5. Christmas time capsule 

Have them draw a picture or leave something small that represents their year in a special Christmas box, take it out once a year and watch the memories grow! 

6. Baking 

Mince pies, cakes, Christmas cookies, have the little ones help out baking a delicious treat for Christmas eve. Who knows, Santa might even like the homemade treats! 

7. Make an ornament 

Get crafty and have them decorate a tree ornament each year, in a few years you'l have a tree filled with unique creations! 

8. See the Christmas lights 

Head to the nearest town or city centre to look at the Christmas lights. Even create a Christmas light bingo for the different illuminations

9. Candy Canes

Have every member of the family pick a candy cane with a name on it out of the hat. Go around and have everyone say/write something nice about that candy cane. 

10. Santa tracker 

Gather around and see where Santa is in the world. 

Christmas may be a special time of year, but it's only because of the people we spend it with. Give them something to remember for years to come.

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