Study shows the virus rate is double in creches compared to schools

A new survey conducted by the HSE has revealed that the coronavirus rate is double the size in creches compared to the number of cases in primary and secondary schools.

The figures show a high number of children and staff in creches have tested positive for Covid-19. 

Up until last week a total of 9,949 staff and students in schools and creches across the country had to be tested for coronavirus. Of those nearly 10,000, 204 people (2.1%) tested positive.

It’s also worth noting that of those who went to get tested, 8,560 of them were under 18-years-of-age. 

A further analysis showed that 3.86% of the 1,758 people from creches and childcare services who went to get tested, tested positive. This is a far greater number when compared to the 1.6% out of 5,023 staff and students from primary schools who teseted positive.

Even in secondary schools, full of young adults, 2,603 staff and students had to be tested, with 45 of them (2.18%) receiving positive results.

There also seems to be a high percentage of positive test results in special education, with 538 students tested for the virus, and 15 (2.78%) testing positive.

The survey also revealed that the majority of tests occurred in the east of the country, mainly Dublin, with suspected cases from 224 schools and creches.

As a result, creche owners have been pleading with the government to provide rapid testing and additional PPE gear. 

However, it’s also expected that schools and creches are to remain open even if harsher restrictions are put in place, and if the Republic of Ireland is to enter stage five.

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