Pure magic: These baby names are inspired by wizardry and witchcraft

We love names with a magical twist.

If you're a Harry Potter fanatic like we are, then mystical names might have crossed your mind when you were looking for baby name inspiration.

So look no further as we have compiled a list of names that any witch or wizard would be proud of. 


Coming from Latin origin, meaning ''moon'' it was also the name of Luna Lovegood.

And anyone who makes Buttercork necklaces and marches to the beat of her own drum is a good enough role model to name your baby after.


Alastor is of Greek origin and it means “avenger.” 

It's not a name you hear that often but it carries authority and has a mystical air to it.


This name is famous from the legend of King Arthur – Merlin was the magician guide.

It's fitting then for parents-to-be want a magical name for their little one.

It has English and Welsh origins and is derived from the Primative Celtic elements mer, mori (sea) and dunom (hill, fortress), therefore meaning "sea hill" or "sea fortress."



This unique name means ''Heavenly or Winged'' or ''Angel.”

Is sounds a bit witchy and mystical too, right?


We couldn't do this list without a nod to the most famous wizard of all – Harry Potter.

When you think of magic, who does your mind jump to?

Harry is a diminutive of the name Henry, and means “estate ruler.” 


Yes, Sabrina the Teenage Witch is inspiration for this particular name.

It's of Latin origin and means ''from Cyprus'' or ''from the river Severn.''

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