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 Post subject: Child psychologist
Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 12:29 pm

May 2018
Can anyone recommend good child psychologist in co.dublin area? For 7 years old child with behavioural problems?
To be more specific we go through very bad meltdowns at home, happens sometimes when he's playing with friends as well but never at school. He's perfect at school as he is trying to be the best but all emotions are coming up at home...
He had tantrums since I remember but we had some good times too (with tantrums still happening but not so often). Since like a month he's going through lots of serious meltdowns, which are living him and me totally exhausted... I had a complaint from a teacher from his extra classes that he don't want to participate which didn't happen before so it looks like something is going on lately...
I'm going to ask my gp for refferal letter but the waiting time is so long that I decided to go private in the meantime.

I know that it's good if the psychologist is registered with psi but that still doesn't make the choice any easier......

Thank you

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