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Our Autumn nature scavenger hunt - perfect to help your kids explore on their forest walks

While some of us may mourn the end of the warm summer season, there’s actually no better time of year than Autumn to be getting out and about and making the most of nature! The crunch of leaves underfoot, the crisp Autumn air, the riot of colours that light up your local park – there’s just no beating it! Plus, you can come home and warm up with a hot chocolate or two afterwards!

Because there’s no better time to be out in nature, there’s also no better time to set up a scavenger hunt in your local park or forest for the kids! Scavenger hunts are great way to get the curious and excited about the world around them and is also a wonderful way to get some exercise in. Spice up your forest walks this Autumn with a scavenger hunt of natural items that you can even use for a couple of art projects later on! See our fun fall crafts here!

Family Walking on Path

It doesn’t have to be complicated especially with younger kids. There’s no need for rules or clues or even prizes! Nature provides all the excitement. You don’t even have to come up with the list of items, as we’ve compiled a list of things for the kids to find and spot on their nature walk, from the biggest pinecones to the smallest creepy crawlies!

So print out our list and go check out your local park or forest to get your kids to put their explorer hats on and go on the hunt for a few hours of entertainment this weekend!

Girl Wearing Eyeglasses Smelling Flowers

Find something red

Find something with a crunchy or crinkly texture

Find something round

Find something smooth

Find something that starts with the first letter of your name (Q, Z, V and Y are exempt from this one!)

Find something that smells good

Find something colourful

Find something soft

Find some seeds

Find some treasure!

Find the smoothest stone you can

Find a spiderweb

Excited children tossing leaves in park

Find the biggest tree

Find a funny-shaped cloud

Find a beautiful feather

Find some clover – bonus points if it has four leaves!

Find the biggest pinecone you can!

Find three different flower petals

Find a berry

Find something that snaps

Interested little boy exploring stone

Find something prickly

Find something that feels soft to touch

Find a creepy crawly with six legs

Find a stick in the shape of a V

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