Let it pour! 8 of the BEST things about a rainy day

OK, maybe our love for the rain has come from a sense of necessity – downpours occur so often here we had to find some positives – but when you really think about it there are some good things that come with it…

1. Rain means splashing in puddles

The kids not us, although it is fun when you’re in the mood!

2. Rain means cute little wellies and raincoats with frogs on them

Oh how we wish we could pull off a pink mac with tiny green frogs on it.

3. Rain means daisy chains and lush gardens

Ever notice how your garden looks like it has just been attacked by a daisy bomb after the rain?!

4. Rain means dodging your child as they pick up slugs and snails

You’re making memories. Good memories.

5. Rain means rainbows

And hearing the gasp of awe come from your little one. 

6. Rain means cuddles on the couch and movie days

Duvet optional but we'd totally recommend one. 

7. Summer rain means you don't have the hassle of sun cream 

Well you won't be going outside! 

8. Rain means mud pies and childhood squeals 

Oh how those little laughs light up your life. 

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