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How Your Family Can Enjoy a Luxury Holiday on a Budget

Everyone loves a holiday, and for many people, this exciting time can be the highlight of the working and school year. However, when you are feeling the pinch, going away can be difficult to achieve, especially if you are travelling with a large family. If you want to go on a stylish holiday with a budget, this guide will explain the best ways to cut down on your expenses as well as indulge in the getaway of your dreams.

  • Opt for Self-Catering

The type of accommodation that you decide upon is crucial to the expense that you pay out for your holiday. However, although you may believe that to have a holiday on a budget, you have to pick the cheapest accommodation possible, this is not true. Choosing luxury self-catering accommodation is one of the best options for you and your family as this will help you to cut down on the cost of food and expense when you reach your destination. Food prices in tourist destinations are known for being extortionate, and many people find that feeding a large family on a budget can be difficult if you are eating at restaurants every night. However, if you opt for self-catering, you are able to travel on a budget by buying your own food and having enough room for your family without having to pay for additional hotel rooms. If you are looking for family-friendly and popular tourist destination and were considering holidays in Malta & Gozo, James Villa Holidays have a beautiful array of self-catered villa listings in both locations, with facilities to cater to your specific needs.

  • Choose a Close Destination

Some destinations are cheaper than others, and choosing a location that is close to your home is one of the best options for reducing the cost of your holidays. Selecting a close destination will reduce the amount of expense that you will have to pay on flights, and picking countries like France, Amsterdam and Belgium will also mean that you have cheaper travel options such as ferries and the Eurostar. Many closer destinations also do not require UK citizens to have a Visa to enter at the moment as they will most likely be within the EU. If you are struggling for money but still want to go on holiday, you should consider going on a staycation as this means that you can opt for more luxurious accommodation and facilities rather than spend a lot of money on flights and other necessities of travelling abroad.

  • Consider Your Transport

You can also make sure that you are able to have a luxury holiday on a budget by considering your transport options. For instance, if you are flying abroad, you should pick economy flights rather than first class, as many sources suggest that there is not much difference between the two. You should also avoid added extras such as hold luggage and the ability to choose your seats. However, if you do want to upgrade your travel for the ultimate luxurious experience, you should consider using your air miles and other popular travel hacks. You should also consider swapping your usual trains for sleeper or overnight trains which mean you can spend more time in your destination for a cheaper cost, or swap flights for alternative transport such as boats and trains, which are usually less expensive.

  • Book At the Right Time

The cost of your holiday can also reflect the time that you choose to book it and the distance between when you have booked your trip and the holiday itself. For many people, booking in advance is a practical way to manage and plan your trip as this gives you ample time to make other arrangements for pets, take time off work, and prepare any activities you want to do. Booking in advance can also make the trip cheaper for you, however, to get the best prices, you need to ensure that you book much further in advance than usual. On the contrary, there are also many good deals and packages to be found if you choose to book your holiday only a week or even a day or two before you travel. These last minute deals can help you to get that perfect flight to a luxurious destination or up-market accommodation for a fraction of the price. However, to do this, you must be flexible in terms of where you travel and when you go, and these deals with have a lesser selection than if you book in advance.

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