Expecting a November baby? These charming names are perfect for you

November babies are just the best, aren't they?

And I'm definitely not saying that because I was a November baby.

But there is something cute about a newborn bundled up in layers upon layers of blankets and hats, with their little faces peeking out.

If you're due a baby this month, a name might be something that you've had picked for months or you could have clicked into this article because you are in need of inspiration. 

Well, fear no more – read on to see some gorgeous names, ideal for your November baby. 

Girls names

1. Felicity

This name means "good fortune" or "lucky," and is a good choice for a Sagittarian-born baby girl, as the star sign is ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of luck and abundance. 

2. Chris or Chrissy

What's the official flower of November?

It's the Chrysanthemum, so why not take inspiration from it? 

3. Louisa

Literature fans, this one's for you.

Louisa May Alcott, famous author of the classic Little Women, was born in November so why not honour her? 

4. Eira

Eira is inspired by the Norse Goddess Eir and means ‘snow’ in Welsh. 

It also has gorgeous variations- Eirlys means ‘snowdrop’ and Eirwen means ‘white as snow.’

5. Winter 

An obvious choice, but a beautiful name.

You can have Winnie as a nickname or Wynter for something different. 

Boys names

1. Archer

This moniker means "bowman," and is inspired by the astrological sign Sagittarius, which is symbolised by an archer centaur. 

2. Asher

It means "fortunate, blessed, happy one," and is ideal for Sagittarius baby boys born as the holiday of gratitude, Thanksgiving, is in November. 

3. Tom, or Thomas

This not only means "twin," but it's also the name for a male turkey – perfect for a baby boy born around Thanksgivinng.

4. Andrew

St. Andrew's feast day is November 30, making Andrew, meaning "strong", a good choice for a November baby.

5. Sawyer

This name also has a special connection to November.

One of teh best-known Sawyer's in literature is Tom Sawyer, the famous character created by November-born author Mark Twain.

The name is cute for either a boy or a girl. 

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